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Monday: Countries and institutions around the world are exploring digital identity systems to support people in accessing basic services, both in their home countries and across borders—and ID2020 is hard at work making sure these systems can work with each other. Plus, co-living spaces are popping up all around New York focused on supporting the most vulnerable in society.

Tuesday: Natural processes can artificially recreated to address environmental issues—check out how companies are developing artificial leaves and other similar technology to reduce CO2 levels. Hopefully somebody is working on something similar for the dangerous air quality levels in New Delhi. Finally, to understand today’s inequality issues, it’s important to dig back into history—we’ve laid out a timeline of policy decisions that have pushed us in this direction over the last 80 years.

Wednesday: Design can be used for social good—check out how a homeless shelter can be redesigned to offer more privacy, and how Tennessee is redesigning its parks to encourage community building for low-income people. Plus, 11,000 scientists warn of climate emergency and lay out data-driven steps to tackle it.

Thursday: Indoor farming—the practice of growing greens in large warehouses using artificial light and automated technology—is on the rise, driven by benefits like reduced water usage, access to cleaner food, and more optimized use of land. Also, two conservative Supreme Court justices (Roberts, Kavanagh) might be siding with the liberal justices on a loophole in the Clean Water Act. Finally, scientists made huge advances in using CRISPR to treat cancer.

Ranked choice voting, which was just adopted in New York City with 70%+ of the vote, will allow NYC voters to "rank" their top five candidates in future elections.  After the initial vote, if no one gets a majority of first place votes, the candidate in last will be eliminated and their voters will be transferred to their second choice.  This continues to go on, without the need for runoff elections, until someone has a majority.  Ranked choice voting should, at a minimum, give voters more options and more diverse candidates! It also has the possibility to increase turnout, encourage candidates to cross party lines to secure 2nd choice votes, and allow voters to vote for their favorite candidate instead of having to choose the lesser of two evils! 

Rosario Giarratana is a NYC Public School Teacher and enjoys learning about the newest memes from his students. 

Read the rest of this fun comic about when Australia implemented the preferential voting system.

Sheel Tyle, founder of Amplo

Sheel Tyle is the 28-year old founder of Amplo, a venture capital fund focused on “building companies that matter.” Tyle has a fascinating background—he graduated from Stanford at the age of 19, worked at a Skybox Imaging until it was acquired by Google, and then finally went to Bessemer Venture Partners. He made his mark early by sourcing major deals like Snapdeal, the Indian e-commerce giant. 

Two years ago, Tyle decided to launch Amplo and raised a $100 million fund at the age of 26. His portfolio of mission-driven startups include:

  • Robinhood—Democratizing access to financial services

  • Andela—Training Africa’s most talented software engineers

  • Parsley Health—Reinventing functional medicine

  • One Concern—Machine learning & artificial intelligence for disaster response

Tyle has been able to raise this fund and access such incredible deals because he’s been able to create a board of unconventional activists across the business and political sectors and across age groups—folks include Vlad Tenev, the cofounder of Robinhood, and Susan Rice, former national security advisor under Obama.

Read more here.

Saturday, November 9

  • 92Y Food Summit: From spotlights on innovation and burgers once thought impossible, to balancing the thrill of the delicious with social responsibility, to how immigrant chefs are transforming American cuisine, to what you’ll be eating in 2020, check out this event for this tantalizing think tank for food lovers.

Wednesday, November 13

Wednesday, November 20

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